Good Night, Knight

A dynamic sneak-and-slash RPG. You awake to fall to your death - probably - from the top of the mysterious underworld spire. Regain your memories and save the world - most likely - again. GNK mixes procedural generation with hand-made scenarios and a darkly humorous story.


Going Medieval

Stake your claim in this colony building sim and survive a turbulent Medieval age. Construct a multi-story fortress in a land reclaimed by wilderness, defend against raids and keep your villagers happy as their personalities are shaped by the world!

Honorable Mention

Outsider: After Life

Outsider: After Life is a single camera shot horror mystery wrapped in an apocalyptical sci-fi epic. After humanity's extinction, an android must first repair himself and then escape earth and try to avoid the end of the universe.

Honorable Mention

Speed Limit

Speed Limit is a non-stop genre-warping arcade experience that never slows down. No cuts, no lapses in the chaos, Speed Limit is an old-school action extravaganza boiled down to its core elements: Hard. Fast. Addictive.

Honorable Mention

Vigil: The Longest Night

《Vigil: The Longest Night》 blends the 2D side-scrolling action with subtle cosmic, and outright body, horror. In a world without sunlight, Leila, a member of the Vigil, returns to her hometown in search of her lost sister and becomes lost in a world of unimaginable terror as she uncovers the secrets

Honorable Mention