Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces is a psychological thriller taking place in a French coastal village stuck in time. Put the pieces of the story back together by figuring out the enigma behind this mystical place, and solve the mysteries around what caused the same day to repeat over and over.


Good Night, Knight

A dynamic sneak-and-slash RPG. You awake to fall to your death - probably - from the top of the mysterious underworld spire. Regain your memories and save the world - most likely - again. GNK mixes procedural generation with hand-made scenarios and a darkly humorous story.

Honorable Mention

Project Sky

Enter the Skylands: a vast science-fantasy world of old technology, and untamed wilderness. You and your unlikely companion must travel around the continent, and unite the tribes under one banner so that you may stand a fighting chance against a technologically superior force.

Honorable Mention

Star Renegades

Star Renegades is a dimension spanning roguelite strategy RPG. Outsmart uniquely generated adversaries, forge bonds between heroes and end the cycle!

Honorable Mention

Vigil: The Longest Night

《Vigil: The Longest Night》 blends the 2D side-scrolling action with subtle cosmic, and outright body, horror. In a world without sunlight, Leila, a member of the Vigil, returns to her hometown in search of her lost sister and becomes lost in a world of unimaginable terror as she uncovers the secrets

Honorable Mention