Eric Kozlowsky

Art Director & Artist

Eric Kozlowsky is a 3D artist and Art Director with 18 years of professional experience. An active and influential member of the video game industry, he has worked with luminary studios such as NINTENDO, SEGA, and SONY. In addition he has worked on award winning franchises in the video game industry such as Uncharted, Mass Effect, Donkey Kong Country, and Brutal Legend.

Growing up during the nascent stages of video games Eric first discovered his love for the medium with his hand-me-down Atari 2600. From then on there was no going back, Eric knew that making video games was his destiny. However in the late 90s the road into the industry wasn’t as clearly defined as it is today. In the year 2000 he saw an ad for a Game Art & Design BA at the Art Institute of Phoenix. One of a handful in the United States.

Once there, Eric studied under Mark Mier a former Environment Artist from Crystal Dynamics and the Soul Reaver titles. It was at this time he learned of his affinity for making robust and compelling 3d environments for games. Upon graduation in 2003 he joined Vicious Cycle Software in North Carolina and has been a proud member of the game industry ever since.

Most recently, Eric has completed work on his book “ARMA” - a collection of illustrated short stories about weapons spanning centuries of conflict.

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