Henrik Jonsson

Executive Producer, Amplifier Game Invest

Henrik Jonsson loves games, but loves game developers more. After over 20 years as a games and graphics programmer, having made AAA games like Need for Speed at EA/Ghost Games and Anachronox at Ion Storm, slot games for casinos, TV-based games for Bingolotto and Robotic Simulators, he’s now an Executive Producer at Amplifier Game Invest, part of the Embracer Group, where he finally can help as many game developers as possible.

Henrik works as an Executive Producer, which mainly means that he has opinions about everything. Having a technical background helps a lot when assisting game studios make better games, but realizing that people are more interesting than machines makes him well suited for helping with communications and collaboration issues that can arise.

Henrik has given talks and moderated panels on Prototyping, Creativity, Programming, and Sustainable Game Development at conferences like GDC, MIGS, DevCom, OIGC, Respawn, and several smaller gatherings, and written a number of smaller column pieces on similar topics on various game dev sites.

Amplifier Game Invest believes that sharing is caring, that the sum is greater than the individual parts and that the best way for great studios to make games is to find solid financial support from a team of engaged, inquisitive and experienced team of advisors, and learning from each other. Amplifier Game Invest is part of the Embracer Group.

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