Mat Paget

GameSpot Editor

A journalism graduate from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Mat has a wide array of skills and experience in addition to a keen focus on diligence and accuracy. He started as a full-time freelancer for GameSpot in 2015, writing news and reviews, before transferring to the video team in 2016, where he worked for two years before rejoining editorial in a commerce role. Throughout all of his positions, his passion has remained strong for the world of video games, talking to the people in it, and telling their stories.

In Mat’s current position, he assists with GameSpot’s review and QA process, most recently testing and critiquing the PS5. GameSpot’s editors work together and push each other to produce their best possible work, something Mat loves being a part of. Thinking about video games and the experience he gets from them is one of his favourite exercises, and being able to put his thoughts into words is a privilege he greatly appreciates.

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